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Medical Grade Sheep Placenta Capsule With 30000mg Equivalent Of Fresh Sheep Placenta Extract Concentrate
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Sheep placenta benefits are no more a secret. Premium Ovine Placenta Plus works and it is effective. It is a strong tonic recommended by TCM doctors for promoting general health. Sheep placenta side effect include boosting the sex drive, stamina and performance of all adults. It is a facial beauty capsule for wrinkles and pimples. The health benefits of sheep placenta live cell therapy are not limited to skincare but for overall rejuvenation of the entire body. This is what sets sheep placenta apart. After all the rewards will be well worth as you are laying the ground work for a happy, long and productive life in the years to come.

Wait No More...Time Running Out

Many people only start on anti aging regimen once the aging process is already well advanced or when illness have existed for many years. Ideally it make more sense to start while relatively young as a preventive measure. Young people remain young and old people look younger.


Ovine Placenta Plus

Sheep placenta contain rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bio active cytokines. Scientific studies have found that placenta contain a high level of special sheep proteins which promote growth, regulate hormone secretion and strengthen the immune system. Lixir Elixir Ovine Placenta Plus is manufactured under strict International GMP standard and has been tested by TGA accredited laboratory. One capsule to be taken for normal health maintenance. Regular intakes of Ovine Placenta Plus would make you look younger than your peers.Visible result can be seen when it is  taken long term and when the body start regenerating. The aging process would be slowed down or even reversed. Result differ for individual depend on age, health condition and the frequency of intakes.