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FIORE Timeless Revive Capsules Singapore

Renew & Repair

FIORE TIMELESS REVIVE CAPSULES has been developed by THE DERMIS SPECIALIST. It works by activating biological processes within the cell, stimulating the skin’s own renewal process to improve the overall appearance and texture. It contain 9 different skin peptides,vital vitaimins and essential oils which has the ability to speed up the rate of cell turnover within the skin.

Skin peptides are proteins(grow factors) that are vital for the maintenance and repair of skin cells. They are natural and present in our body. When we age the level of these skin peptides decreases. Our skin renews itself less frequently and begins to look less radiant and more wrinkled. Regular use of FIORE TIMELESS REVIVE CAPSULES once or twice daily reverses this process and gives visible dramatic improvements within weeks.

By applying onto the skin, it is possible to slow down the biological processes of ageing and to increase the production of elastin and collagen once again. FIORE TIMELESS  REVIVE CAPSULES have therefore been called the next revolution in skin care.

Function :

1)Reverses the signs of ageing; wrinkle lines and age spots
2)Treat pimples amd repair wounds and lighten pimple scars
3)Diminishes uneven tone and pigmentation
4)Enhance collagen production and diminishes blood vessel lines on the cheeks
5)Moisturises deeply to prevent dry and flaky skin
6)Adds radiance and luminosity to dull skin
7)Encourage young, velvetly soft and pearly white skins
8)Speed up skin self renewal process
9)Condition sensitive skins

Direction : Apply once per day for all skin types specially oily and sensitive skin

Tear off the head of the capsule and squeeze half capsule of Intensive Serum on your palm and apply to your face evenly. It's advisable to apply from outer of your cheek to inner cheek as our outer is more dry if compare to inner cheek which near to our nose or T-zone. The remaining half you can apply on your neck and shoulder or keep it at clean place for next apply. This is excellent to apply at night before bedtime so you can use it as your night cream.

StorageKeep at dry and cool place and avoid from direct sunlight.

One Jar  30 time capsules x 3ml (90 ml) for S$120.
3 x Jars 30 time capsules x 3ml (90ml) for S$240. Cash upon delivery.